Hi, my name is Aleksey Lazaryev and I’m a father, husband, an avid traveler, foodie, and cultural enthusiast. I consider myself a later bloomer as it relates to travel, but once I made that first solo trip to Italy, my priorities in life changed. I noticed far too many have a myopic view of life and focus in the moment and on the superficial and forget that that there’s an entire world to explore. Who doesn’t want to explore? I told myself that I would visit as much of the world as possible before I hit the bucket 🙂 Traveling solo is obviously different than traveling with family, but I was determined to continue exploring with my newly formed family. I continued to travel when I first got hitched, and continued to explore as our family grew.

I often hear that traveling with kids is complicated, expensive, and too much effort. I hear, “Perhaps we’ll wait until the kids are in college and then we’ll travel.” That’s jabberwocky. You need to explore with the kids. Kids need cultural exposure outside all the distraction. I’m here to tell you that it takes a little bit of organization to make traveling with family a reality. I’m a picky traveler and so my choices of accommodation, eateries will vary, but I will do my best to share our experiences in hopes of inspiring you and your families to take this meaningful leap. I look forward to hearing from all you travelers interested in sharing your journeys.

Why Marem? Chose to go with an acronym. It’s the first initial of each of our names in the Lazaryev Family. “M” for Magda, “A” for Aleksey, “R” for Raphael, “E” for Emil, and “M” for Marcel.

Your Fellow Travelers,

Aleksey, Magda, Raphael, Emil, & Marcel