Brainstorming on where to travel with your family can be daunting. There are just so many options with so many different factors. You have to coordinate with your work schedule, your spouses’ work schedule, your kid’s school schedule, and then there’s vacation destinations. Do we budget this time around and splurge on our winter trip. If you are anything like me, we plan our Spring Break around the kids’ schedule, then Summer Vacation around the kids’ schedule, and finally our Holiday vacation, you guessed it, around our kids’ schedule. Once you become an experienced traveller, you create a travel template that you follow on future vacations. Vacationing with the family should be stress free as much as possible. With that said, we travel organized, but we leave just enough room to be spontaneous, which I’ve discovered to be the most fruitful and memorable in our travels. Remember, the majority of the world speaks some degree of English and warm up to travelers, especially if you are with kids.

Costa Rica